Some more good news for Shipston.

Our friends Elisa and John who run a lovely Cotswolds catering company called Lord and Lady food are going to start offering food at Sheldon’s Wine Cellars.

Sheldon’s is a good wine merchant located in a very interesting building in  the heart of Shipston. Sheldon’s has vast cellars where wine used to be bottled and which are now used for catered dining events. The cellars extend under the surrounding roads and also lead to tunnels under Shipston which lead who knows where .  The building has fascinating history (amongst other things, it was once used as a venue for talks between the IRA and government.

Elisa and John will be offering a small plates menu as well as tea, coffee and cakes. Food will be served on Thursday, Friday & Saturdays from 11am – 11pm. Sheldon’s have a beautiful courtyard which is very popular in summer and an indoor space is also available.


Sheldon’s offer tours of the cellars (they must be pre-booked) and sell a good selection of unconventional wines from around the world.