Farm Shops and Delis

Christmas with Daylesford

Around our luxury B&B in the north Cotswolds are several exciting businesses that reflect the changing face of the beautiful Cotswolds. One of the most impressive organisations and one which we have previously written about is Daylesford Organic, home to one of the best farm shops in the world.
Daylesford is a great organisation with excellent organic products and truly beautiful branding and packaging. Recently, Daylesford has been extending one of their buildings by adding an additional section behind the main food hall.

The New Hall
The hall opened this week hosting the Christmas area and it is a lovely light airy […]

Daylesford Organic – The new Cotswolds

Over the past twenty years the Cotswolds has changed dramatically. The picture used to be one of thatched buildings with old ladies in white pinafores serving tea. The whole game changed and changed dramatically for the better when Daylesford Organic farm shop opened in 2002. Daylesford is a one of the “must visits” for guests at our Cotswolds B&B.
Daylesford had been farming organically for 35 years and the shop and restaurant were a natural extension to their great ethos. However I don’t think that anyone expected the shop to have the impact that it has had.

Daylesford products are of […]

Taste of the Country – Shipston deli

One of the things that drew us to Shipston when we were looking for a good locations for our Cotswolds B&B was that Shipston has an unusually high number of independent businesses. In fact, corporate shops are more the exception in Shipston and are far outnumbered by the independents.

It also helps that this area of the Cotswolds takes food and drink very seriously.
Taste of the Country is a lovely deli which recently has had a total makeover. They stock a lot of products from local producers but what is more impressive is that more than half of their products […]

Wyatts Farm Shop

Wyatts Farm Shop is located near Great Rollright which is 10 minutes from our luxury Cotswolds B&B in Shipston-On-Stour and Great Rollright is also only a mile from the amazing Rollright Stones.
Wyatts is unique in that it has a green elephant standing guard at the entrance.

Wyatts has an in house butchery that supplies freash meat seven days a week. They also make a point of stocking local produce.

The farm shop sells a wide variety of delicious treats and gifts. There is also a nursery and coffee shop on the premises.

Wyatts also uses milk from its own dairy herd to […]

Farm shop review – Talton Mill

We visited the Cotswolds for many years before we moved here and we were always impressed with the quality of the food. However I must say that I think there has also been an exponential increase in quality and variety in the last few years.
One of the areas where we have seen some of the most activity is in farm shops.

Talton Mill farm shop which is only 5 miles from us and lies between Shipston On Stour and Stratford Upon Avon  is one of our favourites. Set in a lovely quiet location next to a beautiful stream, it is […]